Born Rawa Mazowiecka, Poland in 1989. In 2011, I became a student
of Strzeminski Academy of Art, Lodz at the Faculty of Textile Art and
Fashion Design (Fashion Design, Experimental Texitle and Paintings).
Fashion design is one of my favourite forms of expression. I'm also
intrested in painting, music, video, contemporary art and design.
From April 2013 to Mai 2015 I've worked with Mila Matyga, forming
duo sowik matyga . Our collaboration showed our first 2 seasons on
the main stage – Designer Avenue- during Fashion Philosophy
Fashion Week Poland (9th and 10th editions).In 2013, we were
awarded the Fashion Discovery of the Year from Elle Poland prize, the
prize for the most promising designer.
In September 2016 I graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine
Arts in Lodz. My graduate collection was awarded the Best Fashion
Diploma Award 2016. Later that year I launched my own brand. My
clothes have appeared in issues of magazines such as Elle Poland,
Glamour Poland, Ellements Magazine, Harper ’s Bazaar,, i-D
Magazine, Superior, C-Heads Magazine, REVS magazine, Vice, i-D,
SVA Magazine, Indie Magazine, iMUTE Magazine, Design Scene.
My focus is looking for new "languages" to talk about society and its
present problems. I like to choose different media – video,
experimental textile, fashion – with an instinctive approach. I take
inspiration from a variety of subcultures and eras. My work is a
melancholic, ironic sometimes pretentious comment on reality,
accompanied with a large dose of self-irony and humor. The essence
of fashion design for me is creation of the coherent vision of
conceptual aspect with the utilitarian purpose.